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About San Simeon
Where Land and Sea Meet Unspoiled Beauty

Situated along either side of one of the most beautiful stretches of Highway 1, San Simeon is a secluded retreat filled with natural splendor, endless outdoor adventure, scenic wonders and treasured historic landmarks.

From watching the elephant seals at the Piedras Blancas rookery to touring the world-famous Hearst Castle, sleeping under the stars in San Simeon State Park to hiking along beaches and pristine stretches of Pacific coastline that have been naturally carved by the sea, San Simeon is a rare, secluded California gem. Discover it for yourself today.

San Simeon’s location just off the Pacific Ocean provides a temperate and moderate climate all year long. Travel in the winter to find mild days and a chance of rain mixed with California’s famous sunshine. Summer brings cool coastal fog in the mornings, which gives way to pleasant, clear afternoons. And spring and fall offer the most pleasant weather. No matter which season you visit during, bring plenty of layers to help accommodate for the changes in temperature that occur throughout the day.

Whale Watching
Every year the grey whale makes it’s incredible journey from the icy waters of Alaska to the warm waters of Baja California during late December into early February, only to make the trek back during March and April. During these times, San Simeon’s many vistas and vantage points offer rare and remarkable glimpses of these magnificent creatures as they migrate up and down the coast.

Monarch Butterflies
Home to one of nature’s greatest mysteries, San Simeon is one of the few places the monarch butterflies choose to breed during their annual 1,000-mile migration every year. Basking in the warm California sun and feeding off nectar, the butterflies can be found throughout the town, but eucalyptus trees provide the best chance for visitors to see this phenomenon in person.