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45 N Main St
Templeton CA


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Pourch Pounder is located on the Central Coast of California, founded by Paul Quinn and James Schreiner.

Quality, convenience and sustainability. These are the three principals by which Porch Pounder was founded on. For us, quality wine is achieved through care, concentration and the attention to detail while keeping the consumer in mind. We aim to make approachable, drinkable wines which will please the taste buds and leave people wanting more. Having wine in a can may at first strike as odd- but in fact it is revolutionary. Previously regular wine drinkers would forgo the opportunity to drink their favorite red or white wine if the situation did not lend itself to the ease of using a bottle, corkscrew and wine glasses. With Porch Pounder, said wine enthusiast can sip on wine directly from the can which will not shatter and does not require any other items to enjoy. Our wines are also made from SIP (Sustainability in Practice) certified vineyards. These vineyards make a grueling effort of environmental stewardship and to support a program like SIP is in the best interest of growers and winemakers, but consumers as well.