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Welcome to Sea Shell Cellars!

Everybody has a story. Here is ours…
For those of you who know us, you know about our passion for the beach and wine. Hopefully you have had the opportunity to walk along a beach to collect Seashells. During low tide the best and hardest to find shells are revealed. For those of you that still collect seashells, you are finding them harder to discover. For those of you looking for a great wine at a reasonable price, you might be finding that to be more difficult as well. We made the leap of owning a vineyard and producing a high quality, smooth, delicious wine. Walking through the full rows of vines, many of you will realize the beauty that compares similarly to that of the beach. And so, from this, the name Seashell was born. Seashell formation, as well as grape formation, is a reflection of the perfection, joy and beauty of our Creator.

We are so happy to introduce our latest, Estate Grown, varietals of Sea Shell Cellars. In 2008, we were able to make our dream possible and we made the leap of owning a vineyard. We wish to share this new joy with you. Cheers… Michelle and Rick Carter


Sea Shell Cellars

Established in 2001, the Seashell Vineyard is nestled on the banks of the Huero Huero Creek just one mile east of the Salinas River. The vineyard site was chosen for its unique microclimate and extraordinary soil composition. Along with the attention to detail in selecting the site, we strategically selected grape varietals and their proper clones that would take full advantage of the nourishment the estate provides.Seashell Cellars focus is to achieve the very best flavor profiles in our wine; this starts with the careful stewardship of the land. The estate vineyard is managed very diligently by focusing on irrigation, canopy management and cluster thinning. We feel that focusing on these key farming fundamentals affords us the opportunity to achieve proper vine balance and maximizing fruit flavors in the vineyard, resulting in balanced wines that are deep in varietal character and terroir.Vineyard Description
39.00 acres

Varietals Grown

Cabernet Franc 6.00
Cabernet Sauvignon 6.00
Grenache 9.00
Merlot 1.00
Mourvèdre 6.00
Syrah 4.00
Tempranillo 7.00