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2850 El Pomar
Templeton, 93465



Appointment only, special event weekends


By appointment only does not mean we don’t want wine tasters. A small family-owned and operated winery in a renovated 100-year-old redwood barn in Templeton, Victor Hugo produces award-winning wines focusing on intense hand-crafted reds including Petite Sirah and Opulence. Call and speak with the owners, knowing we return all missed phone calls. 2850 El Pomar Drive, Templeton, CA 93465. 805.434.1128.

Victor Hugo Roberts is the owner/winemaker of his namesake small family-operated vineyard and winery. The family legend has it that he was named after a great uncle and great grandfather (the man who anglicized the family name from the French name Robert to Roberts), with no influence accorded to any literary connection.

In 1982, equipped with an enology degree (U.C. Davis, 1979), and three years of winery experience, Vic saw an ad in a wine industry publication for a winemaker at a new winery in the Paso Robles area. He took the position where he remained for 15 years as winemaker and general manager until leaving in 1997 to establish Victor Hugo Vineyards and Winery. Victor was on the founding board for the Paso Robles Vintners and Growers Association and served three years as its first president. He was chairman of the Paso Robles Wine Festival for eight years.

The dream of owning his own vineyard and winery moved toward reality in 1985 when he and his wife, Leslie, planted 15 acres on the Templeton property which contains the family home and eventual winery. More vineyards were added through the years, to total a current 75 acres planted to Chardonnay, Zinfandel, Syrah, Petite Sirah, and five Bordeaux reds including Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Malbec, and Petite Verdot.

Victor Hugo Vineyards and Winery utilizes grapes from the estate (Templeton Hills Vineyard) as well as selected neighboring vineyards chosen for their commitment to quality. The estate vineyard is located in the Templeton Gap with warm days, breezy afternoons, and cool night time temperatures. It is planted on the rugged, shaley hillsides of the property. Production is limited to retain meticulous detail in all aspects of the winemaking process.

The winery is located in a picturesque, recently renovated, 100-plus-year-old redwood barn.

Victor Hugo is a small family owned and operated winery dedicated to producing elegant, rich wines exhibiting excellent longevity.


Victor Hugo Winery

Located in the Templeton Gap with warm, breezy days and cool nights and the estate vineyard is planted on the rugged, shale hillsides. Sustainable farming practices along with meticulous care including vertical shoot positioning, cluster thinning, and leaf pulling ensure rich wines with intense flavors and colors.

Templeton Gap

Vineyard Description
77.50 acres
Planted in 1985
Hand Harvested

Varietals Grown

Cabernet Franc 1.00
Cabernet Sauvignon 12.00
Chardonnay 32.00
Malbec 6.00
Merlot 5.00
Petit Verdot 1.50
Petite Sirah 5.00
Syrah 3.00
Tannat 3.00
Viognier 3.00
Zinfandel 6.00